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What is a Husky?

A sledge dog is a dog who pulls a sledge. Nevertheless, this is logical anyhow, or? Clear, theoretically one can stretch every (bigger) dog before a sledge and already one has a sledge dog. So every dog who can pull a sledge is a sledge dog.

In Siberia and in Alaska dogs were presumably already used hundred years ago for the transport by goods through snow and ice. Often this was the only possibility to carry heavy loads by the deep-snow-covered winter scenery.

Thus the sledge dogs became one of the vital companions for the people in the northern regions. Because the need was very big, one started to breed the four-legged friends and "to optimise", besides, also, so that they could do his important works even better. Quick dogs with strong ones were crossed and thus originated with the time the races which we know today.

More infos in addition and what the sledge dogs else everything are able to do, you find in the suitable column.

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