Husly Trekking

If you walk with pleasure and also are a husky fan, you should try out absolutely once the husky trekking. In contrast to a "normal" house dog, a husky may move in the rope and he does this then also passionately with pleasure. Thus sledge dogs can also train in summer if it is too warm to them to work.

If one goes for a walk with a sledge dog, one carries best of all one lap strap and binds there a rope. The rope should be formed in such a way that it intercepts light pushes something, this spares the person and also the dog. As a rule one holds a husky always in the rope, even if he would run away not really.

Also for the person this makes walk with a sledge dog fun. Because the dogs are coached usually well, one can undertake with them also strenuous mountain hikes. However, in addition it already needs some condition, because with a "tractive power" one is on the move usually quick.

Uphill it is pleasant of course if one is pulled up, so to speak. Though thus one can save strength, but as already mentioned, it leads the way just then mostly a little more quickly, than with a normal mountain hike. If it scuffle goes, then one mostly also has to go sometime again under it. However, this can become quite laborious if a four-legged friend moves in front hard. Unfortunately, these dogs have no brake, but, at least, some hear on commands and stop well if one calls to them.

If the temperature rises more than 25 degrees, one should carry out to the dogs for the sake of a husky tour only if water in the wayside is to be found over and over again. For example, a short wandering by a river. Some sledge dogs are right water rats and take with pleasure a refreshing cooling in a brook or well.

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