My first husky day

First day with huskies

The first meeting with sledge dogs is already something special. The four-legged friends welcome us with loud howling and want to be hugged immediately. Sledge dogs do not bark, they howl, how the wolves. The sledges are hardly ready, the dogs want immediately off and can hardly expect to pull our sledges. This harness (put in of the Zug-Gechirrs) some practise needs, above all with the worried or very much playful dogs. But most know exactly what happens and the paws lift voluntarily to slip in the "Gschtältli". If this is created once, the dogs are stretched in a certain order to the sledges. A team exists as a rule of from two to 6 dogs, depending on how demandingly the tour is. Besides, it is important which dog where is clamped. Since if a strong dog is in the training always completely in front, he does not want to run along suddenly completely behind. The "boss" is mostly a leading dog who hears on the commands of the Mushers (sledge dog's leader).