Husky tour Finland, Rauhala

Already after the first small adventures, the husky virus has packed me. Now of course I want to get to know more about the sledge dogs and also sometimes some bigger with you experience. Because it is not mostly possible in Switzerland for lack of space to undertake bigger sledge tours, I have decided to travel for one week to Finland. In the high north a dreamlike husky world will expect me.

Special people
The Finns are, by the way, from ours quite special people. The people simply live and, nevertheless, moulder. In the country the house with a wooden stove is heated at below 40 degrees of cold, and a lot of coffee is drunk record-breakingly. The sauna belongs to the most important property of a Finn, certainly. Earlier the babies were given birth in a sauna because it is there apparently most cleanly (hygienisten).

Strange things
Then there are still all strange things which a Finn commits. For example, the wellington-wide throwing, or mobile phone-wide throw belongs to the national sport. It is worthwhile to read once a book over Finland and their inhabitant. There one already comes now and again on quite different thoughts.

Or have you known that there are about 187'880 lakes in Finland?