Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is used with pleasure for running with which exclusively pedigree sledge dogs are admitted. Of the forefathers of the Siberian husky comes from Siberia, hence, he has his name. This sledge dog distinguishes himself by his distinct run will. The Siberian husky is not especially strong, however, a lot of perseverance has for it relatively what becomes apparent on longer trips or tours with him. Like all sledge dogs, he is also always motivated to pull a sledge or, Otherwise, what.

A special sign of a Siberian husky, are his blue eyes. An eye is often brown, the other blue. Both variations are admitted in the breeding.

Once with the Eskimos the husky was a benefit animal important to survival to pull loads by the snow-covered scenery.

A well coached husky can pull a 9 field of his own body weight.

Besides, a husky an excellent orientation sense owns and finds also on snow-covered ways the right track.