Welcome to the Husky-World :-))

Hello, dear husky friend :-))

Nice that you are here, because I would like to tell you with pleasure something about the fascination of the sledge dogs. Yes, this hobby can make even addicted - be careful!

If we speak of a husky, we fancy a picture with a husky before a sledge on the snow. The fact that a husky can pull not only sledge one, and that every sledge dog is not a husky, you have not known this maybe. But soon you will still find out many interesting qualities from the north dogs. By the way, every sledge dog a north dog, but is not every north dog a sledge dog. So, now I would not like to confuse you further and wish you a lot of fun on the husky web :-))

Nice husky greetings
Matthi, the author

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